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    Niche Relevant PBN Links

    Niche Relevant PBN Posts

    I won't be using any fancy Sales page here. I have been building my current PBN at a very fast rate. The PBN is organized into Niche and all domains are checked in Wayback Machine, I have even turned down vendors who have tried to sell me domains with old spam on them. I check them well!

    Most sites have 20+ Trust and 20+ Citation with over 10 Referring Domains. Some have up to 40 Citation and 30 Trust.


    Tech Niche

    Law Niche

    Tech Niche

    SEO Niche


    5 Tech Posts - $135
    5 Law Posts - $260
    5 Business Posts - $160
    5 General Posts - $110
    5 SEO Posts - $180
    5 Shopping/Home Posts - $160

    All the network sites have custom logos, fake adverts and filler content. We only allow a max of 10 OBL on the homepage and they will stay on homepage for at least 3 weeks. The packages will be on pre-order and will start in 7 - 10 days. The reason being is we don't like to spam the blogs and we like to give ourselves time to continue building more sites and spreading out the network with the highest quality. The domains are mixed expired/auction. We have tons of 5+ year old PBN sites with awesome stats. The above results are from links we built last week with the current network. Expect pretty fast increases once the posts are made!

    If you are looking to buy then you have to either message me on skype or PM me via the forums. I will then give you the payment details once you have provided me with the URL/Keywords. We do not accept anything spammy. I will be accepting around 5 pre-orders per package. First comes first serve.

    No link reports are provided but we will add your keywords to Serpbook to track from when we post on the sites.

    Grab them fast, last round I did went within 24 hours!

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    the links are permanent?

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    Do you still offer links?

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    PM me please

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