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SERPed – A Game-Changing Service Has Released and BH.C Loves It – Review Part 1

SERPed – A Game-Changing Service Has Released and BH.C Loves It – Review Part 1

Most of us know that this is a time of huge, splashy product launches. There’s usually tons of buzz, Facebook advertising, retargeting… not to mention email inboxes crammed full of “if you buy it, I will give you this bonus” etc. type messages. launch and reviewBut there is a tool that just became available in the last week that I think is the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen in search engine optimization. And I should know, because I’ve been on the super quiet beta team for about six months now. It has been tweaked, reworked, augmented and overhauled quite a bit over that time. And what is ready now for broad release is in many ways the Swiss Army knife of all SEO tools. essentially does two things. First and foremost, it aggregates some of the most high-value information published by authority services like Moz and Majestic into easy to use visual panels that help you cut down research and decision-making time dramatically. As you will see a little bit later in the review the feature list is so complete that you can immediately cancel a number of costly ongoing monthly subscriptions.

In my case, I’ve been able to save over $200 monthly just by using what is already provided within The developer has reached out to these other authority services and negotiated the use of their tools and metrics. Most everything does have a quota limit because buying all this information can be expensive, but there are two different monthly subscription levels so you can pick the one most likely to cover the level of activity that’s proper for your business.

The second main priority with is to build in a laundry list of proprietary features that will make everything from domain shopping to content creation easier for you. And it really doesn’t matter if you are focused on PBN assets, money sites or lead generation: there’s something there for everyone.

The creator of the service is Colin Klinkert, who you may know from his other services Social Monkee and several other services that you can read about HERE. He has many years of experience within search engine optimization and has spent tens of thousands of dollars getting this service off the ground. He was incredibly responsive throughout the beta phase of the development, and when you get inside the members area you will really see the depth that I’m talking about.

To that end, let’s go through the inside of the membership step-by-step and talk about what you can look forward to as a subscriber.


You first enter at the dashboard, which has an introductory video and general instructions. It also has a section where you can add your favorite tools from throughout the service and have them in one quick and easy to access place.

02 - Dashboard

I like the favorite tools section, because it can be incredibly helpful when someone like Todd drops a list of high metric domains and leaves us scrambling to be the first ones to analyze them and pull up a proper backlinking profile. When he did this a couple of days ago, I was able to nail down six of the top 10 power sites because I was able to bulk analyze those targets at lightning speed.

Project Manager

The project manager allows you to add each of your niches as projects…

Create a New Project

…and then add domain names under each of those. With each domain name you add, you enter the URL, the main keyword, any other keywords for which you are competing, the identity of your registrar and hosting (if you wish), the country you are targeting for search purposes, and up to three competitor URLs that can be tracked against your own.

Once you’ve entered a site, you can use Site Manager. The Site Management module is the most advanced suite of features that you are going to find anywhere. Here is information from just one portion of the Analytics tab:

Adding a New Site to SERPed

You also get access to an incredible breakdown of visitors by site or even overall. As you can see from the screenshot below, you get a lot of SEO and geographic detail:

SEO-GEO Detail in SERPed

There’s also a full module for measuring the uptime of your websites. Here is an example:

SERPed Uptime Monitor

There’s a Cashflow Manager, so if you’re so inclined, you can also monitor the business aspects of each site. As you can see here, you can track cash flow and balance sheet metrics for your business, complete with graphs and a statistical analysis:

06 - Cashflow Manager in SERPed

You can provide a domain’s cPanel information and the service will create regular backups for you, even posting it on their own secure Amazon storage at no extra cost:

SERPed Site Backups

It doesn’t translate into an easy screenshot, but there is also a Goal Tracking module that will allow you to track things like how many people click your contact button, how much traffic arrives from your ad sources, what keywords or links are bringing the most traffic, the conversion percentage of your squeeze pages – a whole slew of things that can help you tweak your conversions to new and higher levels.

This post is getting pretty long, and there’s still a list as long as your arm of additional features to give you details about.  I’ll just call this Part 1 and come back tomorrow with more details.  If you want to find out why Todd Foster joined SERPed immediately, go HERE to see a more condensed summary of the features and packages.

That’s @

I think you’ll love Part 2 as we haven’t even finished up the Site Manager portion.  We still have Keyword Research, Domain Research, Rank Tracking and Content Creation to talk about (including an instant site creation trick that will leave you smiling).  This is an amazing product release – almost an anti-release because of how under the radar it’s been – and when you see the subscription cost, you’ll be using it right alongside us.

More tomorrow in Part 2, friends!

  • Colin Klinkert

    TheLegend indeed… great post Doc!

  • Nir Levi

    looks really good!! is there a Black Friday deal?? or some deal for us black hat community members?

  • Shaun Ling

    hey Colin, is serp still working cool now? how to get it?

    • Vijay Khandekar

      Hey Shaun,

      Yes, SERPed is still working cool with many more new features. Let me know if you want to try it out. I`ll arrange a backdoor entry for you :)

  • Shane Pollard

    SerpedNET is the bomb bay. Saves me $$$ every month