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A quick and easy guide to choosing PBN Domains

A quick and easy guide to choosing PBN Domains

People are often confused with what makes a good domain. This guide is for those that don’t know where else to start. Following it, you might miss out on some good domains but you won’t get any bad ones, which is the most important part.

TF/CF/DA/PA – what is all of this?

DA and PA refer to the MOZ stats Domain Authority and Page Authority. You might have seen them recommended for checking domains. The truth, however, is that they are useless. DA and PA can be faked very easily and as such they are not reliable.

TF and CF are Trust Flow and Citation Flow. Those can be found at Majestic SEO. You will need a paid subscription to see all of Majestic’s data, it’s well worth it though. TF and CF are very hard to fake so they are quite reliable.

When you check domains you want them to have at least 25 referring domains and a minimum TF of 20. All below that can still give juice but its not really worth it. The TF can either be on the root domain which is or on; you will have to check both versions in Majestic.

Once you have spotted a domain that fits those stats, you then have to check the TF to CF ratio. To explain it simply TF is the amount of juice Google will give you while CF is the amount of links that are going to the domain. When the CF is a lot higher than the TF it usually means that the domain has a lot of Spam Backlinks and you want to avoid those. The easiest way to compare them is to divide the TF though the CF.

E.g. if TF is 20 and CF is 22 then it would be 20/22 = 0.91

You want to have domains that have a ratio of 0.85 and higher. The higher the value, the better is the domain.

Now, after you have spotted those domains, you want to check their backlinks. Check whether the backlinks look spammy by opening them and looking at the domains they are coming from.

  • Are the anchor texts in a foreign language? Maybe even Chinese? => Scrap it.
  • Are they mostly from domains that have hundreds of outgoing links? => Scrap it.

Also look at the TF and CF values of the links themselves. If there are only a few links that actually have good TF values, scrap the domain and continue looking. You want to have as many „good“ links as possible. A domain that only has 1-5 good links with TF might give you juice but what if those few links get taken down? It would make your domain worthless even though you still might have 20 other links. When you check the links also take note of where they are placed. Links on the homepages of domains get taken down a lot faster than links that are buried deep inside the website e.g.

Now that you have checked all of that, you still have one last check to do:

Take a good look at the domain and what kind of content was up there before. If the domain was used as a pbn or scam site it most likely will be useless now so again, continue looking until you find a domain that passes all the tests above and has a real website displayed in

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