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Buying a Website off Flippa For Under $100

Buying a Website off Flippa For Under $100

I will be sharing information on a purchase I made on Flippa 1 week ago which has developed from a website with average rankings and traffic into a website with significant rankings and traffic in less than a week.

Buying On Flippa

As many people know, the purchasing process on Flippa is extremely difficult. You have to go through a lot of dirt and mud to find good value. The two main things you have to remember when dealing with Flippa is that you have to be patient and find the right sites for you. Do your homework on the sites. What I try to do on Flippa is find new sellers who have made something truly decent but are struggling to generate income from it or rank it.

One of my favorite Search settings:

Go to

Listing Type: Website

Domain Age: 3 Months +

When searching for a website on Flippa, make sure you request a Domain Age greater than 3 Months. If you do not use this setting you are getting all the sellers who are using spun content on new EMD domains trying to sell them for $100. In other words: garbage.



Site Quality

Once you have found a site that interests you, you want to check the quality of the site. Here are some factors I consider:


Sometimes it is actually better to find a site with poor quality design – this can mean the seller is good at making content but awful at presenting it. When I look at a potential site, I use the Rankings as a guide to see how the content is performing. If a website is ranking 25th on Google for the main keyword listed, it can mean the seller has tried ranking it but had no success due to limited knowledge in link building.


Link Profile & Rankings

This brings the Link profile into play – you want to check it’s not ranking there due to spam. This is what happened when buying the Amazon Site I will be doing the Case Study on in Blackhat Community Premium. The seller was obviously knowledgeable with Amazon and great at making content. He just did not have enough knowledge to rank the site for the top terms. The site had around 12 referring Domains all niche related and natural. This made it the perfect scenario for me.



Age is a really important factor for me. In my opinion, the perfect site has been active for around 12 months+. These are great for doing your Blackhat Tactics and getting that affiliate income fast and long term.



I do look at the earnings of the site but it’s not a particularly big deal for me. There could be a number of reasons why the site is not earning much money. If you are picking up a site with unique content, proven age and ready to go for $100 – $200, earnings should not really play much of a role in the purchase.


Seller Profile

One of the biggest things for me is finding someone with less experience on Flippa. If the guy has over $2,000 in sales and has been with Flippa a long time. He knows what something is worth, or he knows how to build it up to make it worth the potential value. What you want to do is find sellers who are less experienced and new to Flippa. I know this sounds horrible but they are the perfect sellers to prey on. I even keep contact with them and ask them to notify me if they have anymore sites they want to offload in the future.



Patience is one thing you need with Flippa. Flippa is 80 – 90% garbage. It’s just like finding that perfect Domain for your PBN. You have to weed through 80 – 90% Chinese-spammed domains to find the perfect clean domain.


I will be following this post up in BHC Premium with a Live Case Study showcasing the Amazon site I bought on Flippa. It will show you all the keywords, Website and the Amazon Orders. The site was purchased off Flippa for $89.00.


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